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Slow Down Aesthetics Company

Hand-poured in Small Batches

100% Natural Soy Wax Candles

in Southwick, MA.

Please pay no mind to our site's appearance while we construct a slow down

space worthy of the name.

Our grand site launch is coming so very soon, but while you are here

& patiently awaiting our arrival,

enjoy these introductory special vendor event

prices & subscribe to our email newsletter!

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2022 Vendor Event Prices 2022

(Skip the line & email us your order!

Any of your favorite scents

in any of your favorite sizes...

custom vessels welcome!

or by clicking the

"Slow Down Here..." buttons above or below!)

*taxes to be included at checkout*


7 Ounce Tin:


$12.00 each

two for $22.00

four for $40.00

six for $56.00

4 Ounce Mason Jar:       


$6.00 each

two for $10.00

 four for $34.00

six for $50.00


7 Ounce Mason Jar:

$14.00 each

two for $24.00

four for $44.00

six for $60.00

16 Ounce Mason Jar:


$22.00 each

two for $40.00

 four for $72.00

six for $100.00

Tiny Tin Samplers

(6 - PK of 2 ounce tins)

Seasonal, Munchies, Fantastic Fandom,

Pace of You, or Create-Your-Own


We can make any scent in any combination of any size you need,

though most Mason Jars, Sampler Packs, and CBD Infusions

are often made-to-order items. DM us anytime! ;)

Currently, we are only able to deliver to Southwick & surrounding

cities/ towns in Western Massachusetts; 

delivery is FREE  on orders

of $40.00 or more.


#56 - Slowcus 


             The most

              witch's brew this side of
(Leather, Oakmoss, Amber,
                                          Tomato Leaf, Rainwater)

#57 - Haunted 


             Lose yourself amongst
              the fallen leaves, 

              strolling within the smoke
              & suede silence of the trees
              except the dull thuds of 
              ripened plums as they hit
              the ground, an eerie
              melody plucked for
              this unforgettable
              cashmere courtship...

#57 - Harvest 


             The nights are getting 
              colder, the days are  

              becoming rain-soaked,
              & the trees around you are
              slowly sliding into shades of

#72 - Reaping 


             The nights are getting 
              colder, the days are  
              becoming rain-soaked,
              & the trees around you are
              slowly sliding into shades of


Limited Editions : Decades

#34 - Flower


             Hang loose in the 1960's,
             a time when you could bet
             your sweet bippy the power
            of lilacs, lavender, &
           Japanese cherry blossom
           are far out, but in a totally
           mellow kind of way...

#54 - Suede

             & Tonic

             Get a load of all of the
              good vibes this fab
              dance floor of scents
             the 1970's can dig up...
             groovy, smoky undertones
            & the musical musk of
             disco still lingering to
            boogie, just stayin' alive...

Signature Pairings

#9 - Escape

            Soft linens are swept up 

            in the beachy breeze along                    the lush lavender coast.   


#37 - Blue Skies 

              A clear calm after a storm

              when all is quiet & the land

              reflects the lullaby

              hues of blue...

           (Lilac, fresh-picked cucumber,

              garden mint,  sweetgrass & violet)

#48 - Oasis

              That heavenly hibiscus

              palm gathered just right

              with hints of coconut &

              Himalayan bamboo.

  #12 - Haven

Deep in the secret garden

  the roses come out to play

           & whisk you away...

#31 - Still Waters   

                 When the tides are

                 torrential, seek solace in

                 the still waters of lavender

                 lush linens and the

                 pitter patter of rain chased

                 away by the warm sun. 

#40 - Vacation

              A soothing salad of

              watermelon, coconut,

              & pineapple sage...

              sit & stay a while...

              or every single day...

#42 - Serenity

              A sweet sanctuary of           

             Japanese Cherry Blossom

             & Lilac

#41 - Secret Library     

           Like that garden kept a 

           solid secret, only with

           books... & more hydrangeas.                  



#4 - Birthday

              Uhm... I'm just here

              for the cake...

#15 - Sweetling

              Nana's snickerdoodles

              with delectable

              dulce de leche undertones.


#16 - Blueberry




              What's in a name?

              That which we call a

              blueberry by any other

              name would smell

              as sweet...

#44 - Indulgence

              That chocolate cake you

              deserve at the end of a

              long day...

              or maybe, most likely,

              every day.  :)

Fantastic Fandoms

#10 - Dragon Farts

              Scorching blood of dragon

              meets rosemary sage in a 

              fiery poof of passion.

#28 - OG Sorceress

             of Vengerberg

             I've never believed in

             destiny, until I was under

             her spell...

                (Love Spell, Hydrangea, &

                        Japanese Cherry Blossom)

#13 - Once Upon

                  A Tamriel

              A midnight walk under the 

              intoxicating musk of a

              full moon along the edge

              of a sea-misted cliff.

#36 - OG White Wolf

                of Rivia

             A complex cluster of heroic

             hmms & murmured curses,

             rugged monster slaying

             skills, & eyes that can

             pierce through the

             coldest of souls...

             if you know, you know. 

                (Lilac, sweetgrass & violet,

                    cactus flower & jade,

                    sea mist, & moon lake musk)

Pace of You

#33 - Pillow Talk

              Sweet nothings scattered
              across satin sheets, the
              open sill drenched, the
              storm rages outside
              but goes ignored...
              as though this up-all-night
              convo drowns out
              the rest of the universe... 

                       (An enticing combination of
                        eucalyptus & peppermint,
                        cactus flower & jade, and
                         a splash of rain water)

#50 - Tongue Tied

              Butterflies swarming the
              gut, palms slick, mind
              spinning... go to speak
              & words trip on that
              lower lip... stumbling
              over themselves, just
              that giggliest gibberish 

                      (Cedarwood Blanc &
                              Spiced Honey & Tonka)

#45 - Visions of You

              Only a glimpse and it
              consumes like this
              love-driven déjà-vu,
              doesn't matter where,
              there they are, these
              visions of you...  

                      (Love spell &
                                  Moon Lake Musk)

#46 - Gravity of You

              Falling into your orbit,
              this undeniable force
             drawing us together --
              that cosmic feeling
             when galaxies collide... 

                      (Visions of You + Vetiver)

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Please allow up to two - three weeks to receive your custom order.
We take immense pride in every single order to ensure its utmost quality.
Our candles are hand poured in small batches with all natural ingredients from the soy wax to the fragrance oils.
Our 3D-print filaments are actually biodegradable and responsibly sourced.
Should your order arrive to you damaged, please do not hesitate to reach out on any of
our messaging platforms so that we can make it right. 

 Aesthetics Pieces

Our 3D-printed novelties are made
with biodegradable PLA
(Polylactic Acid) filaments,
derived from fermented plant
starch -- such as sugarcane &/or corn.

Our goal is to have all of our product
packaging sustainably 3D-printed
within the next five years. 

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